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Roshan Parikh, Ph.D.

Executive Director | Head Trainer

Dr. Roshan Parikh, occasionally referred to as the Tony Robbins of spiritual development, has a unique blend of experience and expertise that makes him an exceptional guide in the world of meditation. With 14 years of experience as an educator and learning design professional, Roshan has honed his ability to craft immersive and engaging learning experiences that facilitate deep understanding and retention. Complementing this pedagogical prowess is his decade-long personal journey into the depths of meditation practice, where he has honed his meditative abilities and garnered profound insights into the transformative power of this ancient discipline. 

Drawing from his extensive knowledge and firsthand experience, Roshan teaches science-backed, time-tested meditation practices that offer a proven path toward inner peaceful, blissful, and joyful states. His ability to merge the wisdom of ancient traditions with current scientific understanding ensures that his clients receive an optimized and truly transformative meditation learning experience. 

Driven by his own transformative meditation journey, Roshan feels compelled to guide others toward the profound experiences and benefits of meditation that have enriched his own life. He is committed to personalizing meditation instruction in authentic and compassionate ways to meet the individual needs and aspirations of his clients. 

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